Recent & Upcoming Activites

We host weekly meetings on Thursdays at 1pm (UK time). Most of them are open to external people.


Seminar: TBA
Talk by Hang Dong (University of Oxford)
Seminar: TBA
Talk by Nikos Aletras (University of Sheffield)


Seminar: "Social Media and Crowdsourcing Platforms in Disaster Management"
Talk by Diana Contreras Mojica (Cardiff University - EARTH)
Seminar: "TempoWiC: An Evaluation Benchmark for Detecting Meaning Shift in Social Media"
Talk by Daniel Loureiro (Cardiff University)
Seminar: "Federated Learning for Exploiting Annotator Disagreements in NLP"
Talk by Nuria Rodríguez Barroso (Universidad de Granada)
Conference-like Presentations
Talks by authors of papers accepted to COLING 2022
[Internal] Quaterly Group Meeting
[Internal] Cardiff NLP Hackathon Organisation
Conference-like Presentations
Talks by Carla Perez-Almendros (SemEval task) y Mark Anderson (*SEM paper)
[Internal] Cardiff NLP Workshop Organisation
Seminar: "Language Models for Social Media: Challenges and Applications"
Talk by Jose Camacho-Chollados and Luis Espinosa-Anke
[Internal] Cardiff NLP Workshop Organisation
[Internal] New NLP PhD/RA Office Allocations
5-minute Presentations
[Internal] Cardiff NLP Workshop Organisation
5-minute Presentations
[Internal] Quarterly Group Meeting
[Internal] Staff Meeting