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Welcome to CardiffNLP! The Research Group in Natural Language Processing at Cardiff University

Team Members
Team Members

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence concerned with how computers deal with language. NLP is a growing global industry with many active research directions. In CardiffNLP, we work on various aspects of theoretical and applied NLP. We believe that NLP is interdisciplinary in nature, and that is why we are interested in both developing NLP technologies and involving domain experts who can bring the field forward, and enable impact in applications that matter.

We conduct active research in diverse NLP topics such as lexical semantics, commonsense reasoning, multilinguality, downstream and social NLP applications (e.g. health, social media) and many others. Check our team members’ websites and publications to find out more!


If you are in Cardiff and interested in NLP, whether you are from industry, academia or the public sector, please contact Jose Camacho-Collados to join our group and/or subscribe to our mailing list.

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